District 6
Don Berman, President
American Contract Bridge League
Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
District 7
Zero Tolerance, D6 policy
District 6 includes most of Maryland, most of Virginia, a small piece of North Carolina, and Washington DC ("The District" to the locals).

Hunt Valley Regional. August 17-23. Info

North American Pairs District 6 Finals. September 19-20. Flyer
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109 Richmond Bridge Association
110 Virginia Peninsula
135 Maryland Bridge Association
139 Virginia Piedmont
146 Virginia State Bridge Association
147 Washington Bridge League
218 Northern Virginia Bridge Association
231 Southwest Virginia
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Hunt Valley Aug 17-23Diane Jaworiwsky
Chesapeake Nov 9-15Shawn Stringer
Williamsburg Feb 29-Mar 6Jane Farthing
Kensington Jul 30-Aug 2Steven Schatzow
Williamsburg Aug 28-30Jane Farthing
Virginia Beach Sep 11-13Jennifer Christman
Fairfax Sep 24-27Margot Hennings
STac D6 Sep 28-Oct 4
Kensington Oct 8-11Steven Schatzow
Richmond Oct 16-18Barry Fratkin
Fairfax Oct 22-25Margot Hennings
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