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North American Pairs - 2015:  Results
Four stories from members who have achieved new milestones in bridge. (Have a story? Submit it)
Youth NABC 2014 Information,
Upcoming Sectionals:   Fairfax Sep 18-21   Richmond(NLM) Sep 20-21   Kensington Oct 9-12   Richmond Oct 10-12   Fairfax Oct 23-26
Upcoming Regionals:   Norfolk Nov 10-16 (Tournament Page)   Charlottesville Jan 12-18   Richmond May 19-25
District 6 includes most of Maryland, most of Virginia, and Washington DC ("The District" to the locals). With District 7 it forms the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
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109 Richmond Bridge Association
110 Virginia Peninsula
135 Maryland Bridge Association
139 Virginia Piedmont
146 Virginia State Bridge Association
147 Washington Bridge League
218 Northern Virginia Bridge Association
231 Southwest Virginia
District 6 Activities
Regionals: District 6 conducts 4 regionals per year:   See the Regional Page for all future and past Regionals
Recent Results: Hunt Valley(13) Richmond
  Charlottesville   Virginia Beach
Grand National Teams: 2014 Info: 2014 Results:   Open    Flight A    Flight B    Flight C
Coordinator: Lynn Jones
2014: Open: Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, William Cole, Beth Palmer, William Pettis, Stephen Landen
Flight A: Diane Walker, David Milton, Stan Schenker, Barry Falgout, Rusty Krauss
Flight B: Michael Berard, Murat Berk, Peter Van Zijl, Richard Wissing, David Soukup
Flight C: Joan O'Connor, Peggy Comerford, Howard Stevens, Helen Marek
North American Pairs:   2014/15 Results
Coordinator: Barb Doran
Flight A: 1. Leo LaSota-Mark Shaw ; 2. Sylvia Shi-Alexander Prairie; 3. Jian-Jian Wang-Hailong Ao
Flight B: 1. Debnarayan Dhar-Mel Yudkin; 2. Kent Goulding-Barry Goulding; 3. Peter Van Zijl-Richard Wissing; 4. Art McCann-David Grabiner
Flight C: 1. Adam Gann-Blake Schwartzbach; 2. Terry Klein-Myron Goldstein; 3. Rick Bingham-Dean Baird; 4. Karen Sandler-Anne Weismann
Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC): District 6 conducts 4 STaCs per year:
Coordinator: Don Berman
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2012: February 6-12    June 11-17    October 1-7    December 10-16
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Report from Las Vegas 2014 by Margot Hennings
Special Report from Las Vegas on Masterpoint Changes
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