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North American Pairs
District Coordinator: Barb Doran    301.608.0347

North American Pairs - 2014-15
SPECIAL NOTICE: The ACBL has approved qualifying 4 pairs in Flights B (0-2500) and C (0-500, NLM) effective immediatly.
District 6 will qualify and send all 4 pairs this year.
ACBL Conditions of Contest 2015
D6 Conditions of Contest 2015
Pre Registration is required:
Deadline: September 18th       Fee: $50. per pair
Send to: District 6
                P.O. Box 3632
                Siver Spring, MD 20918
Include: Fee, Flight, Names(with ACBL #)

Location: White Oak Community Center
               1700 April Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20904
Date/Time: Open & 0-2500: Sep 27-28 (Sat: Noon and TBA, Sun: 11AM & TBA)
Date/Time: NLM: Sep 28 (Sun: 11AM & TBA)
Gold Points! Red Points! Green Points! 2014-15 North American Pairs

Note new 2500 Upper Limit for Flight B

The North American Pairs is a Grass Roots North American Championship that begins in your club and concludes at the Spring 2015 NABC in New Orleans, LA. Come out and play in a local club qualifier. There’s still time to qualify for the District Finals. You’ve got to play to win!

Club qualifying for the 2014-2015 event will be held during June, July, and August of 2014. There are three Flights, Open, 0-2500 and Non Life Master (with fewer than 500 points). Qualification in a flight qualifies you for all lower flights for which you are eligible. Qualification is by individual (not pair) – including flight eligibility — from any club qualifier in the ACBL directly to the District 6 Final. Flight eligibility is determined by your master point holding on June 1, 2014. All players who play in the District Final must have qualified at the club level and be bona fide members of District 6. There will be no exceptions.

The District 6 Final for all flights will be held on the weekend of September 27-28, 2014 at the White Oak Community Center, Silver Spring, MD. The Open Flight and 0-2500 Flight Finals will be 4-session events, with roughly half the field qualifying for the second day. The NLM Flight Final will be a 2-session event held on Sunday, September 28.

Pre-registration is required in order to play in the District Finals. Pairs must pre-register by September 18th. Prepayment of $50 (to cover 2-sessions) is required with registration. Instructions for submitting entries will be published in the Aug-Sep edition of TableTalk (and here once the address has been determined).

Three pairs in each flight will qualify for the National Finals, to be held at the Spring 2015 NABC in New Orleans.

Qualifiers who play in the National Final will be subsidized (to various extents) for travel expenses and hotel rooms by the ACBL and/or District 6. Membership dues or Life Master service fee must be current and continuous from the start of the District Final to the completion of the North American Pairs Final at the NABC in order to play in the National Final.

For more information and directions to the playing sites, visit the District 6 website at or contact Barbara Doran by phone at (301) 608-0347 or by email to
Don Berman, Web Master