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Unit Game: Thursday May 26 at Ohr Kodesh Membership Game (Pairs)
Sylvia Shi discusses hands from the NVBA Sectional on youtube: Thu Eve  Fri 2PM

Youth Bridge Camp, June 25-30: See Flyer for details
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  Online partnership desk Includes all District 6 tournaments
KNOCKOUTS:  Info including Conditions of Contest    Brackets/Teams(2016)     2015 Winners:
  Flight A: Monique Smith, Merril Hirsh, Michael Richey, Ronald Zucker
  Flight B: John McCormick, David Bort, Shiang Chen, Walter Mitnick
  Flight C: Terry Klein, Margaret Cooke, Myron Goldstein, Peter Isard
ROUND ROBIN:  Info  2015 Brackets  Playoffs '15   2015 Winners:
Flight A: Brad Theurer, Fred King, Lyle Poe, David Ruderman, Richard Wegman
Flight X: Monique Smith, Merril Hirsh, Mike Richey, Ron Zucker
Flight B: Albert Lauber, James Beller, Jay Cherlow, Ned Griffith, Walter Smith Jr
Flight C: Jean Barquin, Edith Burzio, F Scott Bush, Sarah Watson
Flight D: Nick Quizon - Nathaniel Klinger - John Klinger - Michael Levi - Michael Pak - Juan Pablo Quizon
TROPHIES: (2015 Standings as of Sep. 10)
Lovenberg   (2015: Steve Robinson)
Izzy Cohen   (2015: Terry Klein)
Rules   Past Winners back to 1957
Tubbs   (2015: Terry Klein)
Woolridge   (2015: Jim Rubin & Ferit Yegenoglu)
  EYNON Trophy: 2014: Leo LaSota, Brad Theurer, Lyle Poe Jr, David Milton, Stan Schenker
WBL-NVBA Player of the Year (2015-16):  FINAL  6  4
   2015-16 Winners: Open (Steve Robinson)     Non-LM (Adam Gann)
    Past Winners
WBL Sportsman of the Year: 2015: Richard Wegman   Info and Past Winners
NOVICE NEWS: Game every Thursday at the Unit Game
1st Annual Youth Tournament: Photos: Photo1   Photo2   Photo3
Mentor program: Novices, get advice from an advanced player.
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